You Should Self-host

Self-hosting your blog can come across as a little intimidating. You have to find a company to host your website, you have to buy a domain name, and then you have to spend time figuring out how to make it all come together in a cohesive way. Those reasons alone can make the task quite daunting and turn people away from self-hosting. But there are some very compelling reasons as to why you should take the time to self-host your blog.


It’s easier to remember

That might sound silly, but if you think about it, something that is simply a dot com web address is going to be more memorable than a or website. You want a website that people will easily be able to recall, and self-hosting helps to provide this. Of course, you have to pick a website name that is also easy to remember and conveys what you’re website is about, but that’s a whole different story.

Unlimited customization

The sky is the limit when you own your website and aren’t just hosting through a free website. This will allow you to break free from the pre-made themes and design a website that reflects you. You also have a wealth of plug-ins you can download and add to your site to make it easier for people to subscribe, follow you on Twitter, or be your Facebook.

You’ll be taken more seriously

Let’s be honest, if you’re at a or web address, not only are people not going to remember your name, but they’re not going to take you as a serious professional, they’re going to assume that you’re someone that blogs for personal use. To grow and monetize your website, you need to first be taken seriously.

Better Amenities

Self-hosting allows for track-backs, and that in itself is a good reason to self-host. You also will be able to obtain a higher Google Page Rank which means higher visibility. With free blogs they are working to support millions of users. Your domain is just you, which means faster loading and more space.


That’s the biggest reason, isn’t it? With self-hosting you can implement ad words, you can engage in affiliate programs, and you have the ability to sell your blog if you need to.

Taking the plunge to self-hosting is well worth it if you’re serious about blogging professionally. A whole new world of opportunity will be before you. The sky really is the limit when it comes to self-hosting.

By Nepoleon


4 Easy Exercises Try at Work …

Sitting at a desk all day is not a healthy experience. If the only exercise you get is the walk to and from your car, then you are in some serious trouble. You don’t have time to work out, you say? And nowhere to go? Well, no more excuses! Here are four exercises you can do at work, on your break, and no one is the wiser.

  1. Push-ups – You have a stairwell at work that is seldom used, right? Sure you do! Use the stairs as an easy push-up bench. Start with regular push-ups, ten at a time. When you get tired, switch to backwards push-ups. This will tone your biceps and triceps and prevent ‘wings’ from forming under your arms. If you are too out of shape to do regular push-ups, then just start with half ones. You’ll get there. This should take you no more than five minutes, or the equivalence of a restroom break.
  2. Stairs – Um, hello? Stairs we mentioned already. You know that ‘stair stepping’ machine at the gym? It started out here! A couple of flights of stairs later and your legs will be thanking you… possibly at the top of their metaphorical lungs.
  3. Sit-ups –Stair landings make great private spots to lie down and sit-up. Crunches work too, whatever you like better. The point is to work those stomach muscles and get rid of the tire you’ve added. You can change it up by shifting your leg positions and even using the edge of the stair to engage your back muscles too.
  4. Walk –This is super easy. Just start walking and don’t stop. Inside or outside, you can pace the halls and break it up with stairs. As long as you keep moving, you’ll keep burning calories. A great after lunch motivator, a walk can get you back to work energized instead of falling asleep at your desk.

It doesn’t take much to get up and around at work, and you don’t lose any time. Every time you get up, remember to do something active. Your body and mind will thank you. Though I do suggest taking a little body spray to work with you, just so your co-workers don’t catch on…

By Nepoleon