A friendship Story !!

Once upon a time, there were 2 friends “Tuan” and “Tuin”. they were very close friends. They go to school together, eat together, play together. On one fine Sunday, both of their parents were out. so Tuan visited Tuin’s house and they planned to party as school was off and parents were out. They made all the planning for the party and decided to prepare “Pitha” for the main course. Pitha is an Indian traditional food.


Around 12 pm both went to the market for purchasing the grocery. They thought of taking a short-cut and so entered the forest. And they were supposed to pick sticks and logs for creating the fire, that was also the reason for entering the jungle. While picking sticks, they heard a strange sound. It was the roaring sound of the tiger. He was the only tiger of the jungle and the villagers were very afraid of it. They used to call the tiger as “Tiger Uncle”. Tiger Uncle roared at Tuan and Tuin very furiously. He then shouted that I’m going to kill and eat both of you. I’m very hungry. Tuan and Tuin both stated crying.


Tuan was very clever and suddenly an idea st-rucked his mind. He said to the tiger that, please don’t kill us now. We are making a party and we are going to prepare Pitha. Wouldn’t you like to eat those tasty pithas and after finishing pitha you can kill us. And moreover it will be our previlage if you come to our house as chief guest. Tiger Uncle liked the idea. He thought that I’ll be the chief guest and would get more attention. I would eat those tasty pithas and finally can eat these boys. He then said yes I agree to your plan. I’ll be at your home around 2 pm. And Tiger Uncle left. Tuan and Tuin then both finished their purchasing and returned back to home.
They started preparing Pitha. Tuan prepared the first pitha Tuin ate that and Tuin made the second pitha and Tuan ate that. Like that they finished eating all the pithas. Them suddenly Tuin shouted, Oh God, we have finished all the pithas, now what we will offer Tiger Uncle? Tuan said, chill Tuin, don’t worry, today we will teach Tiger Uncle a lesson. He said lets go the the backyard, he then asked Tuin to bring a mat. Tuan placed the mat on the well and said we will ask Tiger Uncle to seat on it and when he will seat, he will fell into the well. Tuin was very happy with the plan.


Then finally, Tiger Uncle came top their house. Tuan then invited tiger inside the house and said, there is a power cut and it’s too hot inside, lets go to the backyard and seat. We have arranged a very special place for you. Tiger Uncle was very happy and went with then to the backyard. They reached near the well, then Tuan said Tiger Uncle you please take your seat on the mat, we will serve you. Then when Tiger Uncle sat on the mat, he immediately fell into the well. Tuan and Tuin shouted very happily as they trapped the furious tiger.


They ran outside the house and called the villagers ans said what all happened. Villagers were very happy with the boy’s brave act. Villagers were also very happy as the man eater tiger was traped, they congratulated both the boys and left. The next day, the zoo keeper came and took the Tiger, the Chief Minister came and awarded Tuan and Tuin for their bravery and friendship. Tuan and Tuin became very popular, their parents were also very happy. Villagers created a park on Tuan and Tuin’s name. Till now people uses to give examples of Tuan and Tuin for their friendship and bravery.

By Nepoleon