Healthcare in Facebook

Facebook has rounded yet another corner in the world of social media: providing healthcare options for people. It sounds crazy, that this site that is geared towards drawing people into each other’s lives is now making its rounds in the healthcare niche, but it also makes surprising sense. Where else can you connect almost effortlessly with billions of people? Not many places, that’s for sure.

“Health is social. Any media, any technologies that enable those connections and encourage collaboration will only lead to a better healthcare system,”


With the rapid expansion of Facebook over the past several years, it was only a matter of time before the social forum reached out to big businesses such as healthcare. What started as a way to connect college students expanded almost overnight to encompass high schools, then individuals around the world, before gaining its foothold in the business sector as well.

“How can physicians and other care providers’ help patients get the healthcare that they need without them coming into the office? Social media can serve a great need there,”


It doesn’t just stop there, though. Facebook and its billions of users, and really social media platforms in general, have the unique ability to connect people who are suffering from the same health concerns on an international level – and most people can attest to the fact that it’s easier to face many life ordeals when you have someone to talk to that truly understands what you’re going through.


The main concern of using social media platforms such as Facebook for sensitive issues like healthcare is one that is certainly a legitimate concern: over sharing. But Facebook has made a business out of over sharing, and – if done correctly – this foray into healthcare could be a huge step forward for saving lives.




“ Funny Facebook”

In a world where social media rules and anything you say and do online can be interrupted and manipulated for either good or bad. As trivial as it seems to worry about Facebook in your post marriage life, it’s important to know your dos and don’t  to avoid any unwanted situations.


Do unfriend:

Whether your divorce was mutual and somewhat peaceful or if it was hell, unfriend your spouse on Facebook. No one wants to keep tabs on their ex. Unwanted photos, comments, status updates can only stir up trouble for both parties. It’s best to respectfully unfriend to just protect each other for any future situations.


Don’t make it FBO:

Once you start dating and enter a new relationship after your divorce hold off on making it “FBO”, Facebook Official. (Yes that is an actual term people use now.) Take your time before you start linking yourself to a new person. It goes back to airing dirty laundry, people talk. You most likely have that person on your Facebook friend list that is constantly changing their relationship status, annoying huh? Don’t be that person.

Don’t air your dirty laundry

First of all, not only is airing your personal problems on Facebook annoying but to air divorce matters on Facebook is tacky. To be honest, most people form their opinions of what happened and no matter what you say, it doesn’t matter. As much as we don’t want others to judge, they do. Take the high road and keep your statuses ex free. You will save yourself lots of conflict and drama.

Do delete pictures:

You may have 1 photo of you and your ex or 37 photo albums, either way, it’s time to start taking them down. It may be more of a time waster and pain to do so but you have options. You can go to your photo album settings and choose to hide from friends and the public, so that way you are the only what the see’s them. If children are involved and they are on Facebook, keep in mind it may hurt them to see you take down a photo of them with their parent. Discuss it with them before making a move. are-you-sure-those-photos-have-really-been-deleted--667e7c7fc1

Do think of your children:

Whether or not your child is on Facebook, keep in mind that their friends are. With over 845 million users on Facebook, something you post can get back to your child. It is very important you are careful with osts, photos and comments. Divorces are very hard on children and if you are not careful, Facebook can make it even harder on them. Facebook with care.


By Nepoleon