Love Without Limits !!

What Is Love?
Love is inherently free. It cannot be bought, sold, or traded.

Love is bigger than you are. You can invite love, but you cannot dictate how, when, and where love expresses itself. You can choose to surrender to love, or not, but in the end love strikes like lightening, unpredictable and irrefutable. You can even find yourself loving people you don’t like at all. Love does not come with conditions, stipulations, addendum’s, or codes. Like the sun, love radiates independently of our fears and desires.


Love is a force of nature. However much we may want to, we can’t command, demand, or disappear love, any more than we can command the moon and the stars and the wind and the rain to come and go according to our whims. We may have some limited ability to change the weather, but we do so at the risk of upsetting an ecological balance we don’t fully understand. Similarly, we can stage a seduction or mount a courtship, but the result is more likely to be infatuation, or two illusions dancing together, than love.

One can buy sex partners & even marriage partners. Marriage is a matter for the law, for rules and courts and property rights. In the past the marriage price, or dowry, and in the present alimony and the per-nuptial agreement, make it clear that marriage is all about contracts. But as we all know, marriages, whether arranged or not, may have little enough to do with love.


Love is inherently free. It cannot be bought, sold, or traded. You cannot make someone love you, nor can you prevent it, for any amount of money. Love cannot be imprisoned nor can it be legislated. Love is not a substance, not a commodity, nor even a marketable power source. Love has no territory, no borders, no quantifiable mass or energy output.

One can buy loyalty, companionship, attention, perhaps even compassion, but love itself cannot be bought. An orgasm can be bought, but love cannot. It comes, or not, by grace, of its own will and in its own timing, subject to no human’s planning.

Love cannot be turned on as a reward. It cannot be turned off as a punishment. Only something else pretending to be love can be used as a lure, as a hook, for bait and switch, imitated, insinuated, but the real deal can never be delivered if it doesn’t spring freely from the heart.

Love cares what becomes of you because love knows that we are all interconnected. Love is inherently compassionate and empathic. Love knows that the “other” is also oneself. This is the true nature of love and love itself can’t be manipulated or restrained. Love honors the sovereignty of each soul. Love is its own law.


If love comes from appreciating goodness, it needn’t just happen, you can make it happen. Love is active. You can create it. Just focus on the good in another person (and everyone has some). If you can do this easily, you’ll love easily.

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Friendship: The Laws of Attraction

The conventional wisdom is that we choose friends because of who they are. But it turns out that we actually love them because of the way they support who we are.

If you really want to change an aspect of your life, finding like-minded friends will increase your chances of success
I’ve been immersed in the study of friendship for the past several years, and among the many things I’ve learned, one idea stands out: If you truly want to change some aspect of your life, developing friendships with people who aspire to the same goals as you do.


Entering The Friendship Zone

Years ago researchers conducted a study in which they followed the friendships in a single two-story apartment building. People tended to be friends with the neighbors on their respective floors, although those on the ground floor near the mailboxes and the stairway had friends on both floors. Friendship was least likely between someone on the first floor and someone on the second. As the study suggests, friends are often those who cross paths with regularity; our friends tend to be coworkers, classmates, and people we run into at the gym
Why Some (And Only Some) Friends Stick


Once a friendship is established through self-disclosure and reciprocity, the glue that binds is intimacy. According to Fehr’s research, people in successful same-sex friendships seem to possess a well-developed, intuitive understanding of the give and take of intimacy.
Hefty helpings of emotional expressiveness and unconditional support are ingredients here, followed by acceptance, loyalty, and trust. Our friends are there for us through thick and thin, but rarely cross the line: A friend with too many opinions about our wardrobe, our partner, or our taste in movies and art may not be a friend for long.

The Truth About Best Friends

If closeness forms the basis of friendship, it stands to reason that your best friend would be someone with whom you enjoy supersized intimacy. We have with our best friends a “beyond-the-call-of-duty” expectation. If we suffer an emergency—real or imagined—and need to talk, we expect our best friend to drop everything and race to our side.
We become best friends with people who boost our self-esteem by affirming our identities as members of certain groups, and it’s the same for both genders. Men who derive their most cherished identity through their role as high school quarterback, for instance, are most likely to call a former fellow teammate “best friend.”

Most of us would prefer to think that we love our friends because of who they are, not because of the ways in which they support who we are. It sounds vaguely narcissistic, and yet the studies bear it out.

How To Stay Friends

From young adulthood onward, our notion of what makes a good friendship changes very little, but our capacity to maintain one does. It’s a poignant reality; we know what it means to be and have friends, but after we graduate from college and go our separate ways—launching our careers, getting married, having children, getting divorced, caring for aging parents—we’re often unable to muster the time and energy to maintain friendships we profess to value. Like anything else in life, if we want to remain friends with someone, it requires a little work. Simply put, we must show up.

The last and most elusive behavior necessary for keeping friends is being positive. Social psychologists tout the necessity of self-disclosure, but that doesn’t mean an unrestricted license to vent. At the end of the day, the intimacy that makes a friendship thrive must be an enjoyable one, for the more rewarding a friendship, the more we feel good about it, the more we’re willing to expend the energy it takes to keep it alive.

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A Memorable Valentine’s Day

Hello friends for all the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day, the truth is that most guys get by doing the bare minimum for their significant others. This year, to prove your partner wrong, treat her to a complete and well thought-out evening she won’t forget. Cause generally, women say they receive relatively ordinary treatment during most of their Valentine dates. We’re talking about the intangibles here the forethought and care that money can’t buy, but that matter to her more than any expensive Valentine’s gift. To make this evening a memorable one, spoil her with the little things that she probably forgot even mattered to her.


Prepare for the date

Special date will require you to clean up nice. It might be a good idea to buy yourself a new shirt or sweater, something you know she’d like even if it’s not exactly what you’d wear if it were up to you. Think about it: how do you react when she buys a new sexy dress? Once you are dressed and ready to go, stop at the local flower shop to buy her a dozen of the best-looking red roses. Go ahead and pop a breath mint before you show up. She’ll smell the mint and know you took that extra step, and she’ll love it. Yes, this applies even if you’re married.

While doing so, present her with the roses and a hello kiss. These little details of opening the car door and handing her roses might seem like fussy details to many men, but for Valentine’s Day, this is the crucial stuff, the stuff she remembers and tells her friends about.


Getting the restaurant right

Opt for a small and quiet restaurant instead of a busy, mainstream one, and good lighting is key. Make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance to get a table at the ideal time. She’ll love you for choosing a low-light or candle-lit environment that she feels most attractive in. Don’t go somewhere that plays loud music, like a supper club or a trendy new restaurant where people wait three-deep at the bar before their tables free up. You need to be able to hear each other speak.

Once you’ve settled in, perused the menu and ordered your first course and drinks, turn your focus completely to her. Instead of asking her about mundane daily activities (how’s work? how was your week?), start a conversation focused — without being overbearing — on her needs. Ask her what she likes to eat or drink. Ask her what her future plans are. In other words, tailor the conversation around her the entire evening.


When entering the restaurant, take care of opening the door and asking the host to be seated. Taking care of such simple details like opening the door and letting her in before you will set the evening apart from conventional dates. Many might say these details are exaggerated and useless, but women generally like a man with good manners.


When coffee and dessert is being served, find out what she feels like doing next. Pick up the tab, and head back out to whatever next step in the night is waiting for you.

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How much friendship is strong in social network ?

Social networking is hot on the Internet, and you too are on so many of the social networks; aren’t you? In this digital era – social networking friendship is the way to go! Don’t you all agree with me?

friendship-56v (Google Image)

But are they really your friends? Of course, not every one of them can be called a friend. I’m sure you make plenty of friends on them. Literally, thousands of them! Do you think online social networking can develop true friendships? Or, maybe YOU believe they can be. Obviously, this would depend on your personal definition of friends and friendship.

Let’s first define the terms and the try to understand the complex evolution of friendship, and various perspectives of social network friendship.

What Online Social Networking Friendship !!!

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”

However, today we often loosely use the term friend for any casual relationship or a classmate or colleague or the person you met in the bar or the one you meet regularly at the saloon are all friends.

I believe dealing more at the personal level and connecting to online people for who they are, their views, and thoughts could be termed online friendship.

Friendly relationships may be graded into the different levels like acquaintance, social or business contacts, friends, and good or true friends. Social networking friendship covers all of the levels of friendship, and the definitions of online friendship and social networking. Your friendship is not purely commercial or completely selfish, and not based on some ulterior motives. This relationship is transparent and there’s no deception. As per this term, you develop social contacts to seek reciprocation, mutual cooperation and help, but are concerned about them and treat them as friends.

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online presence such friendships are treasured at a personal level , are bonded by just your thoughts!! The only way to have a friend is to be one so It’s time to look at social networking friendship from another perspective.


online friendships convert into true life friendships because they believe the online relationship makes it easy for them to help know each other at their basic thought level. Some of these friendships even turn into beautiful relationships that end up in happy marriages.

Social networking friendships do a great job in connecting people across the globe and round the world.

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Social networking friendship removes any age barrier that might be present in traditional friendships. You’re more free, open, and acceptable to other people’s thoughts and experiences.

An online friendship can smoothly graduate and undergo the transformation unaffected by any factors and turn into a true relationship.

By Nepoleon

How to Express Anger without Losing Control !!

Anger isn’t a bad emotion. It isn’t wrong to feel angry or frustrated at times. How you express your anger is the important part. If you let loose your anger and lose control, then anger becomes a problem that needs to be dealt with. However, if you express your anger in ways that are acceptable and cathartic rather than detrimental, you can deal with it more effectively. Here are five ways to express anger without losing control.

Exercise – Working out is the ultimate anger reducer. Not only can you vent your frustrations by pounding the pavement or a punching bag, but the endorphins released while exercising helps to elevate your mood and will actually make you feel better from the inside out. Start out with something active and fast moving, like a run or boxing, and then gradually bring yourself down to something that takes more concentration, like weight lifting. Not only will the exercise help to alleviate your body’s angry flight or fight response, it will also help you to stay fit and well, a key component to living a balanced life.  

images 1


Sing –Sometimes, you just have to let it out. Rather than screaming your rage, try singing. Just get in your car and belt out a few of your favorite tunes at high volume. Go for songs that make you happy or remind you that things are not always this bad. Pretty soon you’ll leave the anger and frustration behind and begin thinking about what’s really important.



Create –Anger makes you want to destroy. Fight this by creating. Much of the inventiveness required in creation; painting, sculpting, writing, is a product of passion. When you are angry, you are passionate. Force that passion into the act of creation and go wild. Don’t worry about form or function or perfection, just let loose your feelings on a canvas or page and get lost in the creative process.


Work–Sometimes you just need to forget. Physical labor is great for that. Rake the yard. Do the dishes. Dust the furniture. Whatever you need done, do it. Not only will it keep your body and mind busy, but you will also accomplish something that needed doing.


Vent –Sometimes, you just need to talk about it. If you have a good friend you can talk to, then by all means vent. Rant and rave and pace the floor. Let it all out. A good friend will listen patiently and know you do not mean half the things you say. If you don’t have a good friend, then write it down. Get it all out on paper. Afterwards you can keep it or burn it, whatever works for you, but at least you will have gotten it out of you and the anger will go with it.



Anger isn’t bad in and of itself. What is important is to express your anger in healthy, productive ways. The next time you get angry and frustrated, try one of these techniques to alleviate it and express it in a positive way. Remember to HALT; never let yourself get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. That’s when trouble really begins.



Why we need friends ?

In My opinion friend is the only person who is very close to your life ,So You can say without friend life is meaningless now come to my question.


Why we need friends? We need friends for many reasons like comfort us when we very sad and have fun with when we are happy.

we also need friends to give us good advice when we are in problems.images

Having friends makes us very secure in life. Cause by nature we are social so that’s why we need friends. And lastly it’s very difficult to forget a true friend. images (1)

That’s why I need U!

By Nepoleon

Five things I learned From my friends

Hello friends I think Love , Trust ,Importance ,Responsibility & Misunderstanding are the most five things for me in my day daily life


In my words Love is the only crazy thing in Friendship. It’s a different thing and different feelings. I know Love means Sacrifice, and in friendship it always happens. So in friendship Love plays a important role among us.


Trust is the only thing in friendship which helps make your relationship always strong. So you can say without trust your friendship just hopeless. In Friendship we have to trust each others.


In friendship Every friends are important to us


In this part we have to some responsibility for them in which they fill proud for us.We always need them and they also .


Some times in friendship Misunderstanding happens ,so be careful  about that, cause due to this only our relationship comes in a danger situation ,that’s why I am always afraid for that. so be careful .

By Nepoleon