Why Sunday Is Favorite For All Friends

As you know Sunday is a national holiday for all schools, college, Govt. & private institution. Sunday is called as fun day.

Specially the youth find it very joyful and enjoyment. They go on shopping, chatting on street , have get together and some party on day as well as night. They go on holiday from the Saturday evening.

All the friends have blast on Sunday. Most of friends use Sunday as a free time as well as joy full moments. In this Sunday friends have dinner, drink and watch movies together.

With girlfriend, they love to poke each other  and made some silly jokes, go on  a long drive on a lonely road, promise each other to stay with then forever ever.

This Sunday also unite friends or make distance from fiend but its really a favorite of all, they may be a child dream, a adult or a parents and aged one.

Every body in this earth likes friendship because friendship is a relationship which is needed at every stage or step of life.

These Sunday makes friendship more stronger and larger to spend some more time apart from the busy life of ours.

Sunday night everybody have some plan of action to do on Monday. It is the day to relax yourself from the all six days work and pleasure (Mon-Sat).

Everybody do some extra work on Sunday, like sleep, eat, drink more and enjoyment or entertainment much more.

Friendship is like an ocean as love. Today’s life style is so busy but we all should spend some time with friend for fun because we can plan for tomorrow but nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.images

Sunday will be a great experience to all the fun loving friends, spend the Sunday with great pleasure.

S– Surround with friends

U– Ultimate Joy

N– Night of Party

D– Dance on music

A– Affection of friends

Y– Yes this is call Sunday my favorite day

By Nepoleon